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Revamping the Charity System with Passion Inc- is having maximum FUN the ultimate Savior to all Social Problems?!! Part II –Why Charities are getting it all wrong!

Think of a world where fun is everywhere, where everything and every moment becomes fun, joyful and close to heart…….
No, we are not talking about a fantasy movie or a multi player video game.

Welcome to Passion Inc.
Where every moment is fun and where all society problems solved through Fun.

Too good to be true?

In our last article, part I of
 “Why Charities are getting it all wrong!  Matching Passion to Charity”,
we talked about “matching Passion to Charity” and using  Passion/hobbies, and affinity groups marketing as  powerful techniques to fundraise for charity causes.  

In the marketing world, we are constantly pushing or pulling customers.
With Passion/hobbies or affinity marketing, that effort is minimal for
impulse buying or giving.
Because the enthusiasm is already there. All u need, is a little tilt.

For eg., u dont have to remind a tennis enthusiast to play tennis on the weekends.  
He will play no matter what. No asking necessary.
In fact, he will pay you to play, rain or shine.
Or a golf maniac to play golf. No pleading necessary.
Or a avid chess player to play chess. No cajoling either. He will probably go on medication if he dont. (a joke, clearly)

So the ultimate strategy in non profit fundraising or fundraising in any kind is to link Passion/hobbies to charity theme. It doesnt matter what cause u are promoting. Cancer, heart, earth, animals, hunger etc etc.
Its simply not going to matter.
The key is to structure meaningful, memorable, fun  events or parties related to specific passion, hobby/affinity grps.

For eg, a autographed party by a famous chess pro where attendants play and mingle. And then donate.
Or a tennis party with a kids tennis seminar by John Mcenroe.

These u dont need to push much. Or pull much. The desire is already there for the enthusiasts.
 To attend.
 And not watch some somber video  and cry.

Many fundraisers don’t realize that  one of the biggest donor group, the type-A individuals, are optimists. Meaning they do not like pessimistic material of any kind. They avoid at all cost any events showing the slightest hint of pessimism.
They are positive thinkers. And they are usually the biggest donor grp- think Ceos, athletes, entrepreneurs etc.

Done correctly with FUN, perhaps they will give very big. Especially if they have an awesome fun time, for them and their families, with cozy memories
lasting them a life time.

So Fun Phd. anyone?
It is ironic that  there is such a long list of possible majors one could major in college with little or no probability of applying what we learn in real life, and yet, the academia left out  FUN? 

Just imagine.
Imagine if we could optimize FUN, and figure out a way to make all parts of our lives FUN, including solving all societal problems.
Imagine all the money we can raise thru FUN.
Imagine all the “people helping people” structured thru FUN.
Imagine all the laughter, joy, and harmony and chit chat achieved thru FUN?

Pigs !
Who doesn’t want the MOST FUN?!
Yes ,  the  pigs sipping on  apple martinis with their wobbly rears on  half sturdy stools did have the right intuitions after all throughout  all these ages……

In fact FUN should be a very profitable business/entrepreneur college major, sociology major or the all important physiology major in promoting positive mental health in a stress out society.
In the last article we talked about fundraising thru Passion. This time around, we will talk about Effort- “people helping people” thru Passion.

When a person is in crisis or needs help, he usually turns to family first, then friends. Namely friends from
Schools, workplace, religious hangouts.

All 3 of these grps help a person make gd friends. Good friends being friends that will help u at a moment’s notice , throughout ones lifetime.  But none of these 3 grps are as powerful as Affinity grps or Passion/Hobby Grp.

Affinity grps are passion/hobby based, people sharing the same passion, joy, and fulfillment. If structured properly, there is always more interactions, and therefore more friends made, deeper bonds made with constant chit chatting about the issues in their passion with great vigor, length and depth , while having tons of fun together sharing, playing, and coaching each other.

Stronger Bond+more Friends+ more Fun =  Stronger Relationship =  More People helping people

Unlike the other 3 groups-namely religion, schools & workplaces, there is a much higher positive, fun energy centered on sharing passions among like-minded people.    –

Thus the mission of creating big, strong Affinity grps around Passion.

The bigger the better, with many sub grps.
With size,u get a wide and strong variety of people with different backgrounds, people of different characteristics across a wide range of skill sets.
With size, you will find your Visonary(the thinker), the Connectors (people with rosters of friends and relationships), the Datawise( people who are knowledgeable )and the Operator( pragmatist who gets things done).

And u will get your  usual type A individuals, the leaders with strong peoples skills, the powerful left brains and the creative right brains, and all  the other needed mix such as high emotional iq persons.

Put all these people in a team and voila!   You have your “solve all problems” superhero team.
And most important of all – Chemistry!
Because these people shared the same passions, and play with each other all the time, the chemistry of working together in solving problems or helping a friend in need will already be present and fine-tuned.

And there is a more likelihood that they will help each other on a fly of a moments notice, instead of that “ I will refer u” or “I will do my best”  “ I will see what I could do”.
The chemistry, network, and team spirit are already there and it is easy for these people to make a few phone calls to get any problems fixed.

And it solves the problem of Due Diligence.
Due diligence is naturally present without much implementation. Since everyone know each other extremely well in affinity grps, there is already a presence of an easy, natural detection of anyone lying or misrepresenting their problems and seeking help unnecessary.

And Fulfillment!
Aside from FUN, the “people helping people” theme in the Affinity Passion Grp approach also creates Fulfillment.
It is not just about having the most fun, it is also about sharing your passion with like minded people , teaching and coaching each other, debating and analyzing together,  helping solved problems  and caring for each other thru Fun. 
All these creates Fulfillment, something priceless, something wealth cant buy.

All of the above could be easily structured and optimized with social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc  by creating different Passion Groups and formulating the problem solving team by searching and organizing members under different skill sets.

With a strategy centered on Passion, one achieves  Fun and Fulfillment- the ultimate savior to all charity issues.
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