Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Catch that Stormtrooper-Catch that Cyclist! It could save your life

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Accidents caused by unruly cyclists were common occurrences in the press and their wide range of misbehavior and dangerous maneuvers clearly noted -



But it is not enough!

In NYC, it used to be the cab drivers who will violate any rule to catch that next customer. But in recent years, since the establishment of bike lanes and Citi Bike programs, that Maniac Assassin title may have passed down to Stormtroopers riding high on their landspeeders- the bicycle  Cyclist.

Crossing Red lights, driving counter traffic, cruising top speed at 20 plus on pavements, ignoring all signs, not making any hand or verbal signals- All done in the omnipresence of police patrol cars constantly patrolling nyc streets!
I even come across a few haughty ones, that while crossing a  red light illegally, they slow their bikes to a halt while they pose their good looks,  gazing around into the busy crowd, all in the middle of a large intersection!!?- as if they were posing as some galactic  Rebels for some Star Wars movie!?

 If these behaviors were present here in nyc-the city with the most police patrol cars- i couldnt even imagine the anarchy in other parts of the country.

We need more enforcement, more serious and rigorous ticketing and fines for these unruly cyclists- not just for the safety of the pedestrians and cyclists themselves, but for the safety of the motor car drivers.

Huh?   the motor car drivers themselves?

Yes, yes, and yes.

The most common scenario is a car suddenly and abnormally braking for a unruly cyclist breaking the law, causing cars behind the motor vehicle to hit that vehicle since they have not enough reaction time to brake.

Another scenario which is rarer, but possible (based on a true eye witness accident recently in nyc), is that of a cruising cyclist at 20 plus mph counter traffic, hitting into the car at an angle with the cyclist flying into the car front  windshield, causing possible serious injuries to both parties, especially if the glass breaks.

From some of the readings of certain web pages, there were discussions of making different laws for cyclists, such as allowing right turns on red lights, or allowing them straight thru red lights if traffic is clear- What in the world??!!!

This will  only create Confusion, and breed more accidents, as if it is not stressful enough for the average motor driver to watch out among themselves, now they have to watch out for a new bunch of renegades(besides the cab drivers), who could appear from anywhere on zero notice due to their light, fast and compact maneuverability, and now with their own traffic rules?!!!

Oh Please Google, Initiate your Driver-less Driving  program soon, because we sure dont want to be in it!

The law of the Cyclist should be one and the same with any motor vehicles, uniform for easy enforcement and yes, please put more ropes on the Cyclist.
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