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Non Profit Leadership - Ambitious the Unambitious PART B

Excellence  re-defined?

This is the second article on how to convince the successful type A individual
 to take on  non-profit leadership roles.

From our first article Part A back in yr 2012,
Non Profit Leadership -
Ambitious the totally Unambitious ?!!!   You cant be serious!?


we talked about how the Re-definition of FUN can inspire participation in Affinity Groups and
spur the "people helping people" model of nonprofit leadership.

In this article, we will look at the Profile of the  very successful type A individual and how to convince them
into non profit leadership. It is this group that historically contribute most in time, effort and money charity wise,  thus it makes sense to have a strong focus on them.

In other words, how would one re-define Excellence?

First lets take a look at the Profile Traits of a Type A Overachiever.


*hyper competitive – to compare and compete and win is their blood and only thing.
*practical and efficient
*impatient – at waste of time, resources, weaknesses of people, at errors, impatient at finishing ones life goal so they could move on to the next- never ending.
*focused – on goals, objectives. Very deadline oriented. Stay Organized, at least in their heads.
*Goals – it is all about reaching their goals, set in the beginning of yr, that defines their happiness. That is how they keep scores, not money.
* Control -easily irritable if things don’t turn out correctly on anything minor, could be be micro-control oriented. A control freak. Need to control and smooth things out on a daily basis, must feel problem and error free at the end of day
* Lack of Sharing - May lack generosity in area of contributing personal ideas or help in fear of competition. Also think it is waste of their productivity.
* May appear abrasive and offensive- this they view as natural as their attitude is to get things done NOW no matter what.
* Impersonal, self centered – they may appear personable with their communication with others but underneath all that, they are impersonal, much like an army general - being nice only to get things done, always rushing. Underneath, they are self centered-focused, so to get things done, which I think is what makes them great and effective, but on the other hand, is a behavior beyond their control.
This fact I think is why most of these over-achievers are lonely. How they appear are not their true personality. They never have any true friends, where they totally let their guard down.They tend to lead double identity lives and yearn for more private time for their personal lives, relationships.

* Feeling of importance and recognition from their peers about their self made goals - they crave that and need it as fuel for more competition, more pressure on themselves. Also like showing off their big roster of friends, showing off influence, however real or fiction.

In summary, it is all about getting from pt. A to pt. Z -on anything and everything.

It is all about getting there as quickly as possible between those 2 pts, and they could be very adamant and abrasive about it. They don’t feel or care much about the process or nuances or incidents within the process- which is why people think they are rude, selfish and impossible to deal with. But it is this natural born trait- being detached and unemotional- that elevates them to focus well and get things done no matter what. They simply cannot help themselves on this issue.
It is much a blessing and a trap.

What are their Goals?

1.Power(influence, wide network of friends),
2. fame(recognition)
3 success- not just monetary wise, but job title wise, as well as winning awards, extracurricular recognition such as non profit participation, being chair member of boards, non profits etc.

To reach their goals, what do they think of everyday? Three words.
Priority, Focus, Momentum- these are all they think of each day,
how to prioritize better, how to Maintain focus and constantly improve all operations, structure and execution of issues, and
maintaining momentum-rush to get things done NOW.

Already well tuned for Success, what kind of services would these Overachievers look for?

What they want are always the same. Below are the 4 needs-

1. Better time mgmt - to squeeze out more time, better prioritizing to squeeze out efficiency, better work load synergies to create all these VERY VALUABLE time for other goals, or endeavors for their private lives (since they need these private time to be alone and be Really themselves)

2. Constant Improvement on Efficiency and Effectiveness- better work management, structuring, supervisory functions, getting outside help to help structure a thoroughly efficient and effective work office structure with no errors or frictions. Weaknesses or errors really irritates them.
It is all about productivity and structure.

3. Synergistic Networking- They love to go hang out and network with industry people or any group that can provide them leverage in near future. They crave for mountains of rolodex of business cards, going through them every now and then, planning and scheming their way to the top with these new networks.
Tons of friends, but nothing genuine, personal wise.

4. Private Life Fulfillment- Though they recognize their trap of being overachievers, and that they understand they cannot help themselves being different, they do crave and yearn for fulfilling personal relationships with their families and very few select friends.
They do understand and appreciate the importance of Balance since it affects their productivity. Balance of work vs play. The balance of personal space quality time vs the stage of Shakespeare.

So here you have it, the full profile and analysis of a type A Overachiever.
What would one do to convince this person into Non Profit Leadership? Not so long ago, we came across a business card. Apparently, it belongs to a Executive Life Coach, who is trying to sell his coaching service to these type A executives.

It says:
Success, Recognition, Influence.
If these are not enough, u have come to the right realization.

It is time you Make History.
And experience Happiness, the only way.

The Ultimate Coach – the final frontier.
The third sentence really hits home.
All overachievers really want this. 
They want to make history.

Most overachievers have already built that first class Achiever Resume. 

But what they may lack is Making history.  
Any one could have a first class resume, but History? 
To be in the history book of great significance?
It is the ultimate hook.
They want that.
They want that Nobel peace prize. The Olympic gold medal. The Pulitzer Award. They want to be remembered as “the” guy.
So to separate themselves further from their pack. 
To be crème of the crème.

The forth line offers a certain hook of mystique – Happiness.
Is it possible to be an Overachiever and be really happy? Is it a typo?
Clearly this coach don’t understand the Overachiever market!
Is this coach for real when he mentions Experience Happiness?

Curiosity. Mystique. Disbelief.

Happiness ? Make history? Achieve both and still maintain the current work load?

Is this even possible?

The Answer is Strategic Philanthropy that Makes History .

Wont any one of these Overachiever want to be “the” person to solve world hunger?
Or eradicate homelessness?

With this, it naturally leads to Fulfilling Personal lives - when they start meeting and working with Genuine, charitable people, and perhaps see Relationship and taste Happiness with a new light.

This may also help them interact with the Right people, who creates the Synergistic Networking possibilities. This allows them not just to Make History thru Philanthropic actions but also propel their current career goals and ambitions.

In other words- it is a 1 in 4 package.
Strategic Philanthropy Networking solves the traditional 4 Needs.

And hopefully through doing Philanthropic activities, they would meet people of a different kind, a more open minded genuine kind, the kind that helps them OPEN UP, which will in turn help them Fulfill their personal private space.

Synergistic Philanthropy Networking
not only allows optimizing performance in the first 2 traditional areas of Time mgmt, 
Efficiency & Effectiveness Mgmt, 
it covers career goals, but more importantly, maximizes exposure to Genuine people who wants to work on solving social problems, while Making History in the process.

The steps to Making History connects the overachiever to Genuine people that may fulfills ones private life.

In short,  Strategic Philanthropy creates Happiness.

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