Saturday, 16 February 2013

Driving 20 Miles Per hr Speed Limit (not 30!!)in Suburbs to Save Lives!??!


When i first heard of the 30 Mile per hr speed limit on radio applied to most city streets, such as NYC,
 my instinct and experience of driving for 15 years in big cities naturally tell me something sounds absurdly off!

 Why didnt the DOT (dept of Traffic) make a distinction between driving in Manhattan and  driving in the suburbs like Queens, Brooklyn etc?

In Manhattan or any big cities,  u have mostly wide, organized and straight streets, full of lights and visibility, with tons of traffic lights and Signs. While the suburbs on the other hand has poor light visibility, with connecting streets  always slanted at some angle and were never organized in squares or straight lines-with many  adjacent streets having no Signs or traffic lights whatsoever??!!

30 MPH in the suburbs!?? Absurd.

Impossible for the following reasons:

1. Lots of suburb streets have no signs or traffic lights.
Imagine the example of a car moving straight with another car coming in at him on a  adjacent connecting street (90 degree) on his right. On the driving street and  the adjacent connecting street, there are usually  cars parked fully on both sides of these streets. The car going straight has no visibility of the car on the right, which is  incoming (adjacent at 90 degree going left) towards him since the line of cars parked on the adjacent street totally blocked his view of any incoming cars, until he cross the path of the incoming car.  And neither does the car on the right have any view of the left car. He has the same problem- of his view being blocked by the line of  cars parked on the left side of his street.

With no Stop signs and traffic lights to guide them in the above eg, to brake to a full stop in the last instant -ONE second -from 30 mph is overly risky and almost impossible, if not truly a feat!

2. The problem in the  example above get compounded especially if the connecting streets are adjacent at a dangerous weird  angle, for eg an acute angle of less than 90 degrees. In this example, the driver going straight will have no chance of seeing the incoming driver on the right. Neither will the right incoming driver on any sight of the left driver either.  A lot of  suburb streets are not organized in straight connecting lines or boxes. Always in some odd angle.

3. Another problem compounding the error above are streets with elevated slopes- and most suburbs have that. In the above eg again, a car going straight on a upslope will have no view of the right adjacent car incoming on the other side of the slope. And when he  comes down on the slope, he  will be accelerating at more than 30 mps.  The car on the right will neither have any view of the left car until it is too late.

4. Most drivers when told to drive at a certain speed of 30 always has a tendency to go over.
35 or more in the suburbs is truly deadly with all the factors above. When one drives in the quiet suburbs, there is a FALSE feeling and sense  of peace and serenity- where nothing ever happens, and nothing will ever happened. This cause most drivers to speed it up, speeding over 30, to rush to where they are going.  The danger always lurks in the dark, the unknown, of that one car peeping out of nowhere.
At 30mph, it is almost impossible to apply a full brake in the last moment, especially since most cars have non-perfect looser brakes.

Obviously, the above wasn't meant for the big wide fast streets in the suburbs with 2 way lanes  with traffic lights on every street.  I was referring to the narrow streets, usually one way streets, with cars parked on both sides or one side,  within the suburbs, with low rise housing on both sides, with few signs and  no traffic lights.

For these suburbs streets, signs that limits speed to 20 mph MUST BE POSTED or MADE LAW.
Otherwise drivers will keep assuming that 30 mph, being repeatedly told in the radio, is the correct speed. It is the wrong speed for the suburbs and must be corrected.
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