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Matching Passion to Charity - Part 4- Finally, web platforms that combo "Passion, Cause, Skills" to solve all problems.

Web Platforms that understand "Matching Passion to Charity"
New Way of Life - to Shop, Eat and Mash?

Ever since we published "Matching Passion to Charity"- Part 1 and Part 2,

(We talked about the importance of matching passion to Cause as well as  Optimizing Fun and Fulfillment in all charity efforts.)

we have been on a lookout for web platforms that understand the ideas and are implementing these
ideas. Social media has been around since Myspace for more than 10 yrs and charities have been testing websites for a time longer than that, but we were curious how many understand the power of "matching passion to charity" and if any implement the approach on their websites.

The research yields one website- - which is a  crowdfunding site, with a section gears towards the non-profit space.  In fact, it is currently the only crowdfunding site that features non-profit charity causes. Like other crowdfunding sites, it allows anyone to fundraise for any entrepreneur project. The important difference is that  it allows u to fundraise your "project or passion in conjunction with" any registered or non-registered non profits.

Thus allowing the power combo "matching passion to charity" to do its magic .

One campaign from Time Warner's DC comics in 2013 seriously caught our attention-
 "We can be heroes- Saving the horns of Africa".
They have done 3 campaigns in 2 yrs and the last campaign raised a record $216K  in a mere 6 weeks!!

So besides understanding the "matching passion to charity" concept and strategy, what else did DC comics do that propel them to such success when a lot others struggled or do so much less on the same site?

The answer is one word.


They understand Irresistible Marketing through Passion.

It is about coming up with irresistible perks to give donors, priced intelligently at each level of perks,
with  tons of planning and thinking on the intangibles and the Value Pricing analysis to go with it.

Value Pricing is the intelligent pricing  between the wholesale and retail spread that will spark impulse buying. For eg. buy 1 get 3 free.

Irresistible Pricing goes beyond Value Pricing as it combos up perks that makes one irresistible but to buy impulsively.  For eg.  Free stuff u cant buy anywhere else. Or 5 limited edition treasure freebies.

And throw in the Intangibles  like free membership to exclusive club or charter a sense of Tribe belonging, how could one refuse?

They thoroughly understand what makes the customer/donor ticks and buy/donate on impulse.
But all these wont be possible unless they understand their donor group, in this DC comics case, the comic buyer niche.
They understand the Passion thoroughly- inside out - to be able to understand where the Value is and what combos and  Intangibles to  throw in to create impulse.

I could totally see as the de factor platform to execute any Social Entrepreneur ideas on "solving any social problems while making a profit.
With irresistible marketing techniques and understanding "solving causes through  passion", while  engaging the donors/investors  directly,  it is currently the most effective platform to raise money and solve any social problem.

This way of raising money and marketing could even spark a revolution of Shopping itself!
Buy a product, that is marketed in an irresistible way, and solve a charity Cause u care about!
The new way to shop - the one truly Fulfilling way!

The  new Shopping site could be presented simply  with a search filter that asks u for "product u want"
and "cause u care about", then presents u the list of possible purchases.

Interestingly, we came across a site that has features for group meetings for Social Causes called   It is a site for event planning of all sorts, not just  for nonprofit, but i clearly see the huge hidden  potential in the social cause component of it !

If done correctly, it could introduce a  New Way to Live, Eat, and Mash !

Lets imagine.

What if every dinner or party or just a simple event of mashing with your friends becomes truly Fun, Engaging and Meaningful?  Wont life be truly Fulfilling, everyday and every moment of your life?

On, we see tons of nonprofit setting up events for speaker events/classes, idea sharing events, simple collaboration events, or just simply hanging around and network events, with or without beers and food. And some are smart (as they understand "matching passion to charity") as they mashed with their Cause with Passion, like Sake Feast to eliminate hunger, or play Ping Pong to save animals tournaments.

What if all these could be structured more properly (or perfectly), with careful thinking, on how to make these events truly fun and Irresistible? Which brings us back to our "matching passion to charity- part 1" article, that detailed how to make events fun and memorable- we wont repeat excessively here on techniques.

What if each event has irresistible food and drinks while u mash with good friends playing some game of your Passion, while  collaborating  on solving problems on  your favorite charity Cause?

 Wont life become nirvana?

If structured properly by experts, offering Irresistible pricing and services, all events- like lunch, dinner, parties, classes/speaker events, collaboration/networking meetings or ANY event- could be structured as  FUN and FULFILLING.(pls read Part 2 for re-definition on the word FULFILLING and FUN)

Thus a new way to live - eat, play, mash- while solving world problems!

In the area of deep discount, irresistible Pricing and Service, it is interesting to bring up Groupon-with its pre-Groupon days and very early roots in nonprofit charity collaboration platform.  Surely, it wont take much thinking and re-inventing  for them to re-spark what they were trying to achieve earlier on.

On the issue of Collaboration, some slight retooling of sites like Meetup has to be done to make them truly effective. Firstly,  there should be Discussion Board that list the various charity Cause.  And under each Cause, there will be a New Idea contribution tab for people who likes to contribute their idea for discussion/commenting/feedback/improvisation- this is needed since many have similar ideas and collaborative effort should not be wasted.

Secondly, Member Profiles should include -
Passion,  "Skills" u can contribute and "Role" u want to play (leader, connector, datawise, operator, fundraiser, marketer/PR etc) and your favorite "Cause".
This way users can easily search for members on right roles  for quick collaboration to solve any social problem.

To summarize- with concepts like Irresistible Pricing, "Optimizing Fun and Fulfillment through Affinity Groups",  "matching Passion to Charity",  and integrating  SMART collaboration  tools on  social media to Shop, Live and Mash, the day where every second is FULFILLING could be just a jalapeno stuffed nachos away.

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