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Finally, The Enabler to solve all social problems

What if there really is a Infinity Gauntlet or Cosmic Cube, as in Marvel movies, where one gets to rub it a few times and any problem will be solved instantly?

Introducing the Enabler.

The platform to solve all social problems. The platform that enables the Solution with a click of a button.

We live in an era of fast technology. Yet, solutions to utilize these technologies to solve social problems are still slow coming. One of the main reason is the Misconception that it requires experts of a problem to solve that particular problem- this is the greatest Misconception ever.

We are not saying all problems (obviously, brain surgery is gd eg) , but a lot of problems doesnt require an expert to be solved.

For eg. it is reported in the press that a team of non expert level chess players can play EVEN with the best human or computerized player by utilizing the proper chess software.

And based on this blog,,

 one dont need a Transportation degree or engineering degree to solve a simple traffic problem,

or anything logistic.

One doesnt have to be a top equity trader to utilize proper software to beat the best.

Or the need to be  a car engineer to invent driver-less driving.

I can go on and on.

Yes, anyone, and that is YOU, can solve  most Social problems(as long as these problems are not rocket science) if given a proper software platform.

Or a smart Collaboration tool.

That is what the Enabler is - the tool that allows anyone with a desire to solve a social problem to get involved, and be that superhero u were meant to be.

I remember going to a nonprofit  workshop 4 yrs ago and the turnout was enormous.

 Tons of  good hearted souls showed up with tons of ideas and qns on starting their own non profits with their 
ideas/solutions to solve various problems. I have never seen such a big a turnout with such overflowing 
enthusiasm to solve world problems. I was totally inspired and just when hopes flew high, with trumpets robust ,
No tool, or formula or anything was introduced as a fast and easy way on the web to easily start
 organizing a team, raise funds and perform the necessary detailed steps for their Causes!

Most people left confused and frustrated on how to take that actual FIRST STEP.
 It was frustrating and sad... and i wondered back then how was it even possible with the internet talents of today,
we have not yet achieved  a platform that makes it easy for these good hearted souls.

I have been to so many of such nonprofit workshops and i ask myself -

How do we prevent the above scenario from happening again and again?
What if there is a one step  "Kazam!"  button  that makes it all happen?

For eg, one of these kind hearted souls click "KAZAM"  and guess what?


The site automatically organizes a team in seconds for your Cause! 
Base on the  Theme of the Cause,
the Skillsets (professionals who volunteer)  u seek, and 
possible Fundraisers(volunteers) available, and 
maybe even co-share Office Space all set up already for free (from donors)!

Most of these kind hearted people could be people  
who just want to donate their Ideas or
want to volunteer their Skillsets as Follower to their  Cause  (but not take a leadership role).
All these filters can be easily programmed in.

So the idea is to make it Simple for any one  of these enthusiast with just one click!
And take that first gigantic step towards philanthropic bliss.

Lets get into first how the Enabler to Solve All Problems is set up.

The  Enabler consists of 3 modules-
1. Team Formation module
2. The Solution module- making it Actionable, viral, sticky, like a HABIT, and quickly implementable.
3. Gamerfication module- every step of the way could be organized as  fun for everyone.

First, Team Formation.  

In our article- Ending the era of Failures- why good ideas fail....the Perfect Team at a single click of a button- PART 2

we covered a lot of grounds on forming the Perfect Team- pls read article as we will skip most details here.

We will elaborate briefly here on some Perfect Team filters that relates to nonprofit initiatives.

The member Profile pg should have filters for 
 Passion, Skills,  "Roles" and "User Time Mgmt module" 

On Roles- Active or Inactive.
Inactive means user just want to contribute ideas and make comments, and do not 
want to work in Grps, physically or online.
Active means want to work in Grps- and if so, then what Role do they want to play?   
Do they want to be in a Role of Leadership, Operator/Manager, Connector, Research, Marketing/PR, Legal etc.

 And if u play an Active Role, what hrs and days can u contribute?
This is the     "User Time Mgmt module for Active Roles"
This module is extremely important, since from my experience,  people always over-promised their time for 
charity, and are always too optimistic in their time mgmt. 
This module will minimize disappointments of non-participation.

 For Grp Leader or Creator, they can assemble their Grp, 
by listing the Members within their Address, who share the same Nonprofit Cause and needed Skills, 
needed Roles, and Time available for meetings & collaboration.

There should be a  Forum where it aggregates/archive ALL charity  ideas for users who just want to list their ideas or problems BUT do not want to be active in any Grp or problem solving actions. It should have  Categories like Hunger, Animals, Environment etc
A good idea is worth more than a zillion sub par ideas, and a good forum  allows comments, improvisation, feedback and COLLABORATION.
It is perhaps wasteful and pitiful  when  kind hearted souls contributed similar ideas, working on them rigorously while
 not knowing that there are a great number of people sharing that same idea,  and are accessible for quick collaboration and solution!

What if all these could be done in a FUN way?  Through Passion?
The Passion filter may be the most important since one will do anything for free, doing their passion while solving problems.
It focuses on Connecting the Help  (corporate, nonprofits, public sector) to the Passion Grps
based on available Resource (skills, funds).
We personally believe Passion is the homerun collaboration factor here for Team work- we have written articles  on these

For each Grp formed, there should be at least one Facilitator assigned or given to them.
His or her role would be of a relationship manager, making sure team members of all chemistry
and temperament work together peacefully, especially those type A individuals, who could be quite
bossy and abrasive. 

Historically, the team Leader normally is the Facilitator- but the leader is usually a type A individual, who makes
a lousy Facilitator. 

The Facilitator is a relationship manager, preferably someone from the Human Resource, the Alchemist of Team Chemistry 
and the provider of Balance-necessary for all successful teamwork.

Next, we look into the second module of the Enabler - the Solution Module.

According to the very well researched and practical book 
"Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" 
 Chip Heath and Dan Heath stated the Steps to ignite Change to solve any social problem through 
 Directing, Motivate, and Shaping the Cause.

Learning from the authors, the Solution should have the following elements-
1. Start with a Singular Goal that is well defined - For eg. "Zero fatality"  in a traffic campaign.
2. Detailed the Critical moves in clear Steps
2. Find the feeling- Use the rational and emotional reasoning- arouse the feelings!
4. Shrink the Problem- break it into steps, so to gain quick cooperation.
5.  Grow your People into Identities- Give your group a supercharged name- Superheroes!
6  .Try to tweak the environment to solve the problem.
7. Make the solution a natural Habit
8, Make it viral, spreading the Habit, herd like.  

And from the book 

"Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die"

also by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, the authors listed the elements of making any idea, solution, change viral.

Some elements are-
a. Make it simple, concrete, have a story that is credible.
b. Infuse the Social Currency into the idea- make people feel important or show off about themselves by spreading the idea.
c. Have a habitual  trigger for your idea- a picture, a sound, a smell, something one sees often in public.
d. Focus on emotions- Have an emotional story that soars spirit and emotion
e. Make it visible - see it often and giving it  habitual behavior
f. Infuse Practical Value- does spreading the idea help people help others?  Make it highly useful and irresistible to share
g. program the actual solution  as part of the viral sharing - that will be best as the viral automatically solves the problem

Next, the 3rd and last element of the Enabler- the Gamerification module.

In one of our article - How we got it all wrong in Gamification - the only One Variation that works

we talked about how any type of Work or Solution can be designed like a FUN game full of Fulfillment, and meaningful Selfgrowth.

Please read the article as we wont reiterate the important details here.

Not only should Gamerification be done internally for the staff members but also Externally, making it FUN with rewards at
 every interval for the intended public who participate in  the Solution. 
Triggers for habits that crave actions and 

camaraderie experience based on AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) should be part of Gamerification.
Gamerification also engenders Fulfillment and Empowerment, structured  through invested time and effort, accumulating
 infinitely in the Selfgrowth process.

This is our first attempt to structure the Enabler and we welcome improvisations, ideas, suggestions, to further evolve it.

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